ACMPR consultants in canada

Pipe Dreemz


This is Georges Routhier form Pipe Dreemz , who invented this company to help people who is seeking permission form health canada under the law of ACMPR( Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations )  to obtain licenses for production and business of cannabis for medical marijuana. If you are the one who is producing and selling or doing anything with marijuana then you must apply license in health canada for business. Our application filled with the things all that health canada requirred.

I have experience of 25 years working the federal govt. I have very  high level experience with regulatory industries and 8 years of experience with consulting with MMAR/ MMPR .

We will all kind of and all level of marijuana consulting work. we work as a Medical marijuana business consultants as well. Our team is extremly dedicated , well skilled and  well trained.

You can call us at 613-294-2324 or email us  at with your name , email , address so that we can talk

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