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Pipe Dreemz

Pipe dreemz is a company that provides asistence on cannabis production and sells for medical marijuana. To start the business with medical marijuana you must obtain permission form health canada under Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations act (ACMPR).

Getting qualifed with acmpr is not an easy task. This very hard , complex and complicated work. It takes time. The whole process(when the final permission letter is in your hand) could take a year.

We at pipe dreemz, work hard Marijuana consulting work . We work with clients to guide them how to get licenses form health canada. We will prepare all the paper work for regulatroy agencies. Surely , they will have lots of questions. Its your duty to satishfy them. We will help you to prepare your application for the 1st time.

Not just the application, we also help clients with factory build outs. We help clients with talent acquisition , gap analysis. We help with the site planning as well to let you know how you are going to build the production site , what about the safety and security a well. Our firm will also do business strategy  creation and analysis, budget analysis, Grow room design etc.

Over all , all kind of documentaries work will be done by us.We will submit the application, preview and submit them to health canada. Our clients will guide you step by step. We value our client needs and requirements.

You can call us anytime at here - 613-294-2324 or email us at

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